Listerine Teeth & Gum 500ML

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Listerine Teeth & Gum 500ML

LISTERINE® Total Care Teeth & Gum Mouthwash is proven to provide 10-in-1 benefits. For Total oral care! Proven to be 5x more effective than floss at reducing plaque*. To help maintain strong teeth and healthy gums! The formula kills up to 99% of plaque and bad breath-causing germs left behind after brushing. Just 30 seconds of rinsing, twice a day.

Used twice daily, LISTERINE® Total Care Teeth & Gum is proven to work in 10 ways to maintain a clean and healthy mouth:

1. 12hr germ protection

Germ protection to help maintain oral hygiene

2. Works below gum line

Reduces plaque below the gum line

3. Cleans between teeth

Works in hard-to-reach places

4. Strengthens enamel

Contains fluoride to help strengthen teeth

5. Helps prevent tartar

Contains zinc chloride to help prevent tartar

6. Gum protection

Helps kill plaque-causing germs to keep gums healthy

7. Cavity protection

Strengthens tooth enamel to protect against decay

8. Reduces plaque

Reduces plaque by up to 56% more than brushing alone

9. Keeps teeth naturally white

Helps prevent tartar buildup to keep teeth naturally white

10. Freshens breath

Helps provide up to 24-hour fresh breath protection

Use alongside brushing and flossing. * Germ kill provides sustained plaque reduction above the gumline after a dental cleaning

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